Elderly Woman Leaves $4.3M Estate to Her Pets Instead of Her Kids!

January 29, 2024 12:22 pm in by

An elderly woman in China has decided to leave her massive fortune to her beloved cats and dogs, snubbing her adult children who abandoned her when she fell ill. The woman, known as Ms. Liu, originally planned to divide her wealth among her three kids, but their lack of care and concern prompted her to change her mind.

Leaving her furry family ample funds for treats and toys, Liu, an elderly native of Shanghai, made the bold choice after reportedly feeling neglected by her adult children.

Unable to directly leave the money to her furry companions due to legal restrictions, Ms. Liu cleverly appointed a local veterinary clinic to oversee their well-being. With a whopping 20 million Yuan ($4.3 million AUD) in their care, the clinic’s responsibility is to ensure her pets and their offspring are well-provided for after her death.

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