Battle to drop cat curfew

May 27, 2024 6:12 am in by Andrew Johnston
Image: File (C Meddings).

Geelong’s new cat curfew may not be locked in place quite yet.

Geelong Councillor Melissa Cadwell wants Geelong’s cat curfew scrapped.

Council voted last month to introduce rules that mean a cat had to be confined in properties 24 hours a day.

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But she wants the ruling scrapped, saying its an issue for renters and low income households.

In a motion to be discussed at this week’s meeting, she raised a number of concerns about the policy.

“I wish to move a rescission of this resolution for the following reasons,” it reads.

“The financial cost burden the policy would impose upon residents on low fixed incomes as this may require them to give up their cat, which in many cases may be their only companion.

“The lack of detail in regard to how this will work for registered cat owners living in rental accommodation, given that there is a substantial investment on the part of the tenant to comply with the policy and still allow for their cat to have time outside.

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“In rescinding this motion Council returns to the previous cat curfew order enacted 1 July
2009 requiring owners of a cat to keep their cat/s securely confined to their property between
sunset and sunrise.”

The changes were made on April 23.