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December 17, 2023 10:21 am in by
90,000 perch have been released into the region's waterways for anglers (Victorian Fisheries Authority).

The chance of anglers hooking something on their line in the regions waterways have been boosted with the addition of fish stocks.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) has added 45,000 perch to the Barwon River.

Another 30,0000 have been released into the Little and Werribee rivers, while 15,000 have been added to Lakers Cutting near Point Londsdale.

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The VFA says many of the fish are now at a catchable size and the state’s Outdoor Recreation Minister Steve Dimopoulos says the above locations are among 32 waterways across Victoria where bass and perch have been added.

“We’re giving more anglers the chance to catch our native fish this holiday season, with families set to enjoy Victoria’s beautiful waters this summer,” he said.

“This super stocking is boosting fishing for every Victorian…part of our $96 million investment in fishing and boating to build better facilities, stronger fishing clubs, expanded fish hatcheries for everyone to enjoy.”

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