How much your Christmas spread will cost

December 18, 2023 8:29 am in by
The cost of a Christmas lunch will have a few extra dollar signs in front of it this year (UNSPLASH).

A Geelong researcher tracking the cost of traditional groceries says consumers are feeling the price rise pinch at the checkout this Christmas.

Dr Christina Zorbas says there are obvious fluctuations in the cost of traditional staples, with some goods costing less than this time last year.

That includes summer favourites like prawns, which have recorded 23 per cent price decrease, and even half a leg of ham that’s almost six per cent cheaper than 12-months ago.

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Dr Zorbas and her team from Deakin’s Global Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition note though that many grocery items are more consistently getting more expensive.

“It is worrying that the price of chicken has continued to rise from $3.55/kg in 2020 to $5.50/kg in 2023,” she said.

“Summer fruits like mangoes, pineapples and grapes are more expensive compared to this time last year.”

Mango’s have jumped almost 55 per cent on last years cost, from $2.25 a fruit to $3.48.

Washed potatoes are up 33 per cent, canned tomatoes 26, and yoghurt, milk, eggs and cheese are all costing more year on year.

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And while you can get a half kilo pav’ for dessert at five per cent the cost of last years serve, cream is 12 per cent dearer and fruit mince pies and a christmas pudding between 18 and 23 per cent more costly.

Dr Zorbas’ parting advice for price wary consumers during the holidays is to plan ahead, and be discerning in what they decide to put on the table.

“To beat the price rises this Christmas people should try to pre-plan their grocery shop, look for food that is in season and cheaper and be wary of all the marketing designed to push us towards buying unnecessary items during the festive season.”