Smoke alarm warning ahead of winter

May 14, 2024 7:49 am in by
Picture: CFA Deputy Chief Officer Alen Slijepcevic, Ramesh Gajurel and FRV Deputy Commissioner Community Safety Josh Fischer [supplied]

A Wyndham father has told how a smoke alarm saved his family’s life as a new campaign is launched, asking local to ensure they have a working smoke alarm in all bedrooms.

Ramesh Gajurel and his family were finishing dinner in their Truganina home last November when an alarm activated in their hallway.

A fire had started in their spare bedroom and was spreading through the property.

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The home was destroyed in less than ten minutes, but Mr Gajurel said the smoke alarm was essential.

“It was a very lucky escape,” he said.

“It would have been worse if we didn’t have working smoke alarms in our home.

“If someone was sleeping at the time in that bedroom, it would have been fatal.”

Fire authorities are again urging locals to make smoke alarms in bedrooms a priority as we head into winter.

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FRV Deputy Commissioner Joshua Fischer said blazes that start in the bedroom were the ones most likely to kill someone.

“If fire breaks out in your bedroom and the door is shut, the hallway smoke alarm will not activate until the fire has burned through the door, which will be too late,” he said.

“Smoke will not wake you, in fact, it will put you into a deeper sleep and render you unconscious, so it’s crucial that you have a smoke alarm installed in all sleeping areas.”

Anyone wanting to find out more can head to the FRV or CFA website.