The invasion of the butterflies

February 5, 2024 10:17 am in by
Locals reported seeing the Cabbage White butterflies over the weekend [Geelong Broadcasters]

Locals have noticed tens of thousands of white butterflies in the skies and in the gardens across the region.

The warm and sunny conditions prompted reports of the Cabbage White butterflies from Lara to Ocean Grove, the Surf Coast and up to Ballarat.

Professor Michelle Harvey from Deakin University said they were out because of the hot weather.

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“There’s been lots of flowers around which means the butterflies are out there drinking,” she said.

“They’re mating, they’re flying around and laying their eggs, which is a nightmare if you have a veggie garden.”

Professor Harvey said they had also been around for the Spring and early Summer.

“We had this mild winter last year which has really supported lots of things that are continuing to grow.”

Professor Harvey described them as butterflies, and not moths, saying they have their wings up when resting, which is a butterfly move.

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Moths have their wings down.

“There is a Cabbage moth as well, that is true, but that is not what we were seeing on the weekend.”

She has recommended locals speak to their garden centre about how to treat the animals in their veggie and flower patches.