Kidd backflips on Banno move

February 12, 2024 7:30 pm in by
Lachie Kidd in action for Queenscliff. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

Bannockburn coach Ron PIlgirm has delivered a parting clip to Lachie Kidd, who appears set to return to Queenscliff without playing a game for the Tigers.

The 2023 BFNL Team of the Year member’s move to the GDFNL finalist was one of the surprises of the off-season in local football.

However, Pilgrim has confirmed the Tigers will likely allow the talented midfielder to return to the Coutas despite signing a contract late last year.

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“He got back from a European holiday, trained with us once, and decided he didn’t want to be with us,” Pilgrim said.

“It’s very disappointing, particularly the way he’s handled it.

“But, if things are done the right way, we’ll let him go back to Queenscliff.”

Kidd, who finished runner-up in the Coutas’ best-and-fairest, says he came to the realisation he had made the wrong decision, coupled with a change in his work circumstances.

“Being 21 and having a pretty solid year last year, I think I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to be best for my footy moving forward,” he said.

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“As soon as I brought up the change of heart, they were straight away, ‘We’re not going to be that club that’s going to hold a young senior player to their contract if they’re not willing to give 100 per cent.”

Kidd was among a raft of talented additions at Victoria Park during the off-season, joining Leopold trio Rob Maibaum, Fletcher Wilson and Bailey Kelly, and former St Albans big man Preston Pedron.

However, the former Geelong Falcon was Bannockburn’s primary recruiting target.

“We were going to build a side around him in the midfield with the young kids we’ve got,” Pilgrim said.

“When someone can renege on that at the last minute, it’s really disappointing. You’ve got to go back and try and get a replacement.

“Sometimes, you’ve got to do things the right way, and I don’t think it’s been done this time.”

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Kidd, who lives close to Queenscliff’s home ground, it wasn’t easy telling Bannockburn we wanted to return to the Coutas.

“I respect Ronnie a lot, and he’s a great bloke,” he said. “When I signed, I was keen to change it up and give Banno a crack this year.

“The change of heart came after lots of change at Queenscliff with the new coach, a few new recruits, a fresh start.

“I thought it would be a good time to go home.”

Pilgrim says it won’t deter Bannockburn from recruiting a similar player in the future.

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“I take people at face value; that’s how I operate, not only as coach of the footy club but as a person,” he said.

“He was coming to a different level, but you know all that before you sign.

“If that was an issue at the start, he wouldn’t have signed.

“I don’t think it scares anyone off, but it definitely makes you wary of other people you talk to.”


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