Audience Outrage As Disney+ CracksDown On Password Sharing

April 9, 2024 9:51 am in by Quentin Alchin-Smith

Just a little over a month ago Disney+ reached a little bit more into our wallets and jacked the price up on their streaming service from $13.99 a month to $17.99 a month. Now their next step is following Netflix on banning password-sharing.

The crackdown will begin in June in a few countries in a few markets before expanding to all subscribers in September. Disney CEO Bob Iger stated they want to turn streaming into a growth business.

As far as we know Disney won’t have the backlash of an infamous tweet like Netflix’s “Love is sharing a password”. However, it won’t stop fans from being angry about the change.

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The crackdown on password sharing has never gone quite well with fans and with the ongoing troubles the current cost of living is causing anything that adds to that issue will not be received well.

Fans let their feelings be heard online replying with “Please leave us alone! Weve been thru enough!!” from X/Twitter user @elllleboogey1. X/Twitter user @itscookielookie replied, “These streaming services need to stop being so greedy everybody thinks it’s massively annoying”. 

Netflix’s crackdown seems to have worked for them so it will be interesting to follow along with Disney’s decision.