Surprise! A Secret Bluey Episode Just Dropped

April 22, 2024 8:07 am in by
20240422- secret bluey - abc iview

A secret episode of the Emmy-winning Australian animated series “Bluey” has stealthily made its debut in the past few hours, evading detection on TV listings and streaming platforms worldwide.

Despite ABC Australia mistakenly labeling a rerun of a prior “Bluey” episode in TV guides, a brand-new episode titled “Surprise!” unexpectedly aired on Sunday morning. Simultaneously, it made its debut in the UK on CBeebies under the guise of a show named “Something Special.” and on Disney+ it looks like the fresh episode will premiere on Sunday, April 21st at 12 am US-PT in the United States.

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In this episode, titled “Surprise!” Bluey and her sister Bingo coax their father (Bandit) into playing two different games with them simultaneously.

This unexpected release follows last week’s “The Sign,” a special 28 minute which showed the Heeler family putting their house up for sale, sparked concerns among viewers and media about the potential end of the show. As a savvy marketing move, the Heeler home was listed for sale on multiple real estate outlets.

The series garnered over 20 billion minutes of streaming on Disney+ in the US last year, constituting nearly one-third of all TV views on the platform and ranking as the second most-watched TV series across all streaming services in the US in 2023, so I guess not everything needs to be Marvel or Star Wars.

The new episode “The Surprise” is available to stream on ABC iView in Australia now.