Price pain keeps Aussies away from dentist

November 20, 2023 8:47 am in by

Australians are paying through the nose to get their teeth fixed, and the rising cost is prompting many to avoid the dentist altogether.

Research conducted by online healthcare directory Cleanbill, using the cost of a standard check-up and clean as a benchmark, found average price across Australia currently sits at $230.

The federal electorate of Canberra tops the scale at $285, while Fowler in Sydney’s west is the least expensive at $176.

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Lalor, which covers Werribee and Hoppers Crossing, is the sixth cheapest with an average cost of $188,

Gellibrand, which takes in parts of Point Cook, is in 55th place with $221, while Corio is 63rd with an average price of $226.

A clean and check-up will set locals in Corangamite back by an average $270.

But the study found prices leapt by as much as $90 for patients who were visiting individual dentists for the first time.

Cleanbill said it contacted 6,268 dental clinics across Australia to gather the data, making it the most comprehensive survey of billing practices in Australian history.

The report described the findings as “worrying”.

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“Despite the countrywide prevalence of new patient offers from dentists, Australians in over 90% of Electorates will, on average, pay more than their yearly spend on dental services for an initial appointment,” the report said.

“In these circumstances, it’s easy to see why over 3.4 million Australians delayed or forewent care with a dentist because of concerns surrounding cost in 2021-22 alone.

“And in 2020-21, 82,916 Australians ended up in hospital with potentially preventable dental conditions, representing an increase of 14.4% over pre-COVID levels.

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