Clarke finding her feet

February 22, 2019 8:00 pm in by
Geelong youngster Georgia Clarke. ( Berens)

IF Georgia Clarke needed a reminder she was no longer playing underage football, it came in the form of Adelaide power forward Sarah Perkins.

The Geelong youngster, who has played two games after missing the Round 1 win over Collingwood, was met heavily by the Crow in last week’s loss at Norwood after being on the end of a ‘hospital’ handpass from teammate Anna Teague.

“It was a lot different to what Youth Girls was,” Clarke said ahead of Saturday’s clash with Carlton.

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“It was a lot more hard hit-hitting. As you could see last round, I did cop a big knock from ‘Perko’.

“It’s a lot more faster You’ve got to pretty much get rid of the ball straight away; you don’t have too much time.

“So, you’ve got to be a lot smarter and make more use of the ball.”


Clarke, who the Cats drafted with pick No.24 from the GWV Rebels in the TAC Cup, is now preparing for a talented Blues forward line, which includes Tayla Harris and Darcy Vescio.

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“I like to watch how they play; they’re both very good players,” Clarke said.

“You’ve got to watch their patterns. Darcy’s very fast and agile, and Harris can get quite high up in the air.

“So, you’ve just got to play to match them.

“I might end up on (one of) them, I might not.

“We have a few match-ups set up already on them, so I don’t know who I’ll be on.”

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Having missed the historic night against the Magpies, Clarke is looking forward to running out on to GMHBA Stadium for the first time as the Cats look to take top spot on the Conference B ladder.

“We’ve been training here for a while now, so it’s really exciting to get a game on here. It’s a good stadium, a good oval,” she said

“Hopefully, we’ll get a few numbers (crowd) the same as Round 1.

“There was plenty here, so it gives us an advantage if we have the Geelong community around us.

“They really do get up.

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