“I’ve moved on”: Hawkins

December 10, 2019 12:45 pm in by

A REVIEW of the third quarter of Geelong’s preliminary final loss to Richmond on Monday was the first time Tom Hawkins had given thought to the incident that cost him a spot in the Cats’ line-up that night.

The veteran spearhead was serving a one-match suspension for an off-the-ball strike on West Coast defender Will Schofield during the third quarter of the semi-final the previous week.

Hawkins, who is entering his 14th pre-season, says he was quick to move on from the incident that some believe cost Geelong a chance at winning its first premiership since 2011.

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“… we sat down in small groups and watched it. So, that was probably the first time I’d really thought back to last season and what happened,” he said.

“You relive it a little in Grand Final Week maybe, but not for a long time have I personally thought about it.

“I tend to, as an individual, get to the start of a pre-season and try and focus on what 2020’s going to bring for me.

“I try not to get caught too much in the past; I think we’ve used that as a bit of a philosophy in my time, and certainly in Scotty’s (coach Chris Scott) time as coach.”

Hawkins, who caught Schofield with a swinging arm, was aware from the time of the incident it would be looked at.

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“I didn’t see any replays out on the ground. I still maintain what I was trying to do,” he said.

“But, it’s just one of those things in footy… the game goes so quick, and you’ve got a million things going on in your head, and sometimes you just step over the line, and that’s what happened.”

Despite missing the chance to try and help Geelong into its first grand final in eight years, the 31-year-old was comfortable with the finding of both the Match Review Officer and the AFL Tribunal.

“As a player you want consistency – that’s from umpiring and decisions at the tribunal and everything,” Hawkins said.

“So, I think it was pretty consistent with what happened throughout the year.

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“But, again, I maintain what I said, that I was trying to get back at the footy at the time and we made contact.”

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