From Melbourne to Manifold Heights, Wallington to Whittington, Portarlington to Point Lonsdale or Anglesea to Armstrong Creek, get ready to buckle up and ride shotgun with Tim & Jess on your drive home from 3 pm weekdays.

Jess was the kid at school that was too loud and talked too much!

So, she turned it into a career! You always know you are in the right place when you hear Jess’s laugh from 2 streets away.

She is a self-confessed crazy cat lady but like not in a weird way, just loves her Cat Penny more than her Partner Akshay.

When she isn’t on the air you can find her whipping up some sort of delish treat in the kitchen and forcing her loved ones to keep eating!

Jess proclaimed herself “best man” at Tim’s wedding in 2021 and even threw him a Bucks Party! Tim thinks of them more as “work colleagues”.

Tim is Jess’ “Handler” I guess you could say.

After 6 long years working together with lots of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears from Jess) across the country, you could almost call them friendly co-workers.

Tim is unfortunately a die-hard Essendon supporter, so at least he is used to long-term disappointment and failure.

He enjoys going for short chaotic walks on the beach with his wife, Jess (yeah same name as his co-host…smart), and kelpie, Remi while she barks and chases seagulls until he has to leave because they have ruined other beachgoer’s day.

He is an old man trapped in a young man’s body, so make sure you recycle and stay off his lawn!

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